sup|port1 [ sə`pɔrt ] verb transitive ***
▸ 1 approve of and help
▸ 2 hold/bear weight
▸ 3 provide something necessary
▸ 4 help to prove something
▸ 5 in computing
▸ 6 be extra performer
▸ 7 be able to deal with
▸ 8 like a sports team
1. ) to approve of an idea or a person or organization and help them to be successful:
The United Nations has supported efforts to return the refugees peacefully.
The proposed reduction in taxes is supported by 73% of the people.
support doing something: The majority of Americans support sending troops into the region.
support someone in (doing) something: Everyone came together to support him in his campaign for governor.
a ) to help someone and be kind to them when they are having a difficult time:
My friends have supported me through the entire trial.
2. ) to hold the weight of someone or of something such as a building or structure so that they do not move or fall:
A pair of wooden beams was the only thing supporting the roof.
support something with something: The plants were supported with wire.
be supported by something: She was sitting up in bed, supported by pillows.
support yourself (=hold or lean on something so that you do not fall): Use the handle to support yourself.
3. ) to provide money, food, shelter, or other things that someone needs in order to live:
How can we support our families on such low wages?
support yourself: She's been supporting herself since she was 18 years old.
a ) to give money to a politician, organization, etc. in order to help them achieve a particular goal:
His campaign was supported mainly by wealthy businesspeople.
Thanks to all of you who supported our appeal.
b ) if land supports people or animals, enough food grows on it to feed them
c ) to get enough money to pay for an activity, habit, or interest, especially a bad one like taking drugs:
Drug users often become thieves in order to support their addiction.
4. ) to show that an idea, statement, theory, etc. is true or correct:
Several witnesses supported Mrs. Carson's claim of harassment.
Our conclusions are supported by extensive research.
You will need to provide supporting evidence for your claim.
5. ) COMPUTING to provide information and material to keep a computer system or program working:
Does the company still support that version of the program?
6. ) to perform in a show or concert in addition to the main performer
7. ) VERY FORMAL to be able to deal with something: ENDURE, TOLERATE
8. ) MAINLY BRITISH to like a particular sports team and encourage them to win, especially by going to see their games
sup|port 2 [ sə`pɔrt ] noun ***
▸ 1 help/approval
▸ 2 something that holds something
▸ 3 proof
▸ 4 performers in show
▸ 5 in computing
1. ) uncount help and approval you give to a particular idea, politician, organization, etc.:
politicians fighting for voter support
The bill won strong support in Washington.
in support of: I urge my colleagues to join me in support of this plan.
enlist/mobilize support (=get a lot of people to support you): Farmers' leaders were mobilizing support to oppose government plans.
a ) help and kindness you give to someone who is having a difficult time:
I am grateful for the constant support of my husband.
She always gave him her love and support.
b ) the people who support an organization, an idea, a team, or a person such as a politician:
His support is drawn mainly from the rural areas.
c ) money that is provided to a person or organization in order to help them do their work or achieve a particular goal:
The charity depends on your support.
financial support for students from disadvantaged backgrounds
d ) help or protection that is given by one group of soldiers to another group who are fighting in a battle:
air/ground support (=help that comes from people in aircraft or people on the ground)
2. ) count or uncount something that holds the weight of an object, building, or structure so that it does not move or fall:
Workers will be reinforcing supports under the bridge.
a ) count something you wear to support or protect a part of your body, for example when you are injured or when you are playing a sport
3. ) uncount proof that something is true or correct:
Do you have any support for your theory?
Thomas could offer no support for his allegations.
4. ) uncount someone who performs in a show or concert but is not the main performer

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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